I have been fortunate to work in both commercial and community design. After working on a literacy design brief I was fascinated by the concept of life-long learning and decided to retrain in Adult Education. My role as an adult educator and psychotherapist, has given me the opportunity to design, educate, and fundraise. I used to do design with a difference…. now I do design that makes a difference.








The Victoria Thompson Scholarship was established to assist nurses in obtaining specialist qualifications in the care of children with terminal and life-limiting conditions. The scholarship was set up in memory of baby Victoria Thompson who lived for exactly nine months and required the help of specialist pediatric palliative care nurses as a result of a rare disease. It is run by Victoria’s parents Sharon and Brian Thompson from Donegal.



The Reach-Out project at encourages 18-25-year-old males to get active and creative. The community project promotes various strategies to adapt to life’s stressors by encouraging creative self-expression. The project does this by using art and video media as a platform for developing self-esteem and facilitating a sense of well-being and achievement. This material is used to “reach out” to the community, using peer to peer films and artwork, which is designed to challenge perceptions and educate the youth in the community, about drug use, psychological distress and generational issues of social importance.


ME Advocates Ireland are a non-profit, volunteer group who are advocating for change and recognition of Myalgic encephalomyelitis in Ireland. They do this by promoting greater understanding and awareness of ME in the general public, medical profession and other related services, and by lobbying political support with the aim of bettering conditions for ME patients.

Their Aims:

To bring about a national ME policy;

To have an ME consultant appointed;

To have the International Consensus Criteria 2011 adopted;

To have education in med schools and training of all healthcare professionals.



HuManS & Organic MS are the brainchildren of MS Blogger, Joan Jordan. Joan has produced a new book for people newly diagnosed with MS, called huManS – Words for the newly diagnosed from people living with MS’.






The booklet was sponsored by funding from the National Lottery and contains quotes and tips from people who have been living with MS for years. Joan says it is the book she wished she had been given when she was diagnosed in 2010. It is based on the concept of Hygge…the danish feeling of well-being.